Hinged Non Welded Bow Centralizer

Hinged Non Welded Bow CentralizerHinged Non Welded Bow CentralizerSpecifications:API 10D casing centralizer1. Material: 65Mn2. Double and single bow centralizer3. Non-weld and welded type. Usage:1. N

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Hinged Non Welded Bow Centralizer

Hinged Non Welded Bow Centralizer


API 10D casing centralizer

1. Material: 65Mn

2. Double and single bow centralizer

3. Non-weld and welded type.  


1. Non-welded and welded bow spring casing centralizer is applied to centralize casing in wellbore, and improve cementing quality.

2. The non-welded and welded bow spring centralizer are made under the state of art engineering techniques and rugged quality system.

3. They are developed to exceed API 10D specification to be used under most demanding condition.

4. These centralizers are designed for high restoring force and low started force for centralizing the casing pipe in a vertical, horizontal and deviated well.


1. Every attachment is pressed into shape by moulding instead of welding and rivet.

2. 3-section structure for easy transport.

3. Starting force and restoring force conform to API standards.

4. Easy-and-convenient to use.

5. Alternative turbulence plates can effectively improve displacement efficiency.

6. They are available in 4 1/2"--20" sizes.

7. Premium quality bows are made of special alloy steel and hot formed in totally controlled heat treatment plant to achieve the uniform hardness all over and good spring action.

8. End collars are designed with self-locking action, which are easy to assemble, time saver and are having strong grip.

9. The five standard size bows can configure to any hole idea.

10. These bows with extended profile prevent them from hitting against casing collars.

Non-welded bow spring casing centralizer major parameters

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